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We have designed and developed high-quality custom solutions for manufacturers of stomatography and urology care equipment, including hydrophobic and hydrophobic PTFE porous materials for urine collection products and stomatology bags.
We can help our customers meet the needs of patients with the dignity, comfort and hygiene they need, thus keeping their brands ahead of their competitors with their unique ownership. Our orogeny and urology care solutions:
Control leakage, gas and water penetration-drainage and designed optimized vents help to control leakage and gas and water penetration in fistula bags and urine collection products.Various solutions can be designed to help optimize device design and improve patient comfort and quality of life.
Air vent for ostomy bag
1.Through continuous exhaust to improve the patient's lifestyle,  PTFE porous materials are hydrophobic oil and design optimized high influent pressure and airflow. Continuous exhaust PTFE hydrophobic porous materials enable mouth manufacturers to design products that improve the patient's lifestyle.
2.Control leakage, gas and water penetration > drainage and optimized fistula bag vents help control leakage and balloon expansion, allow gas escape and prevent water penetration during bath or swimming activities.
3.The improvement of the patient's lifestyle>> Continuous venting can help the ostomy product manufacturer to design a patient-friendly ostomy product.
4.The odor control technology can be designed.
Ventilation scheme of urine bag mouth
Prevent the leakage of the air chamber of the urine bag.
The PTFE hydrophobic and oleophobic porous material is placed in the urine bag vent to prevent liquid leakage. These vents may balance the pressure when the bag is full during use.
PTFE hydrophobic porous material urine bag vents are designed to be used at high speed in automatic assembly programs and are available in various configurations. These vents:
More than published BFE standards;
Preventing leakage while maintaining a high gas flow;
Equilibrium pressure to maintain uninterrupted flow of urine.

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