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Waterproof and breathable products are designed to protect sealed enclosures and equipment from particles, water, oil, and other liquids without negatively affecting their operation. They are combined with waterproof and breathable membrane and acrylic or silicone double-sided adhesive to fix the components to the device.
Main features and advantages:
* Efficient dust removal
* Breathable and pressure balanced
* No need for expensive hermetic seals
* Waterproof, oil and other liquids
* The level of oil resistance is from 1 to 8
* IP rating from IP44 to IP67 / IP68
* Easy application and device integration
* Available in standard and custom sizes and shapes
Main categories of materials:
* Many options include white or black ePTFE membrane, woven fabric, non-woven fabric, and extruded materials such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and polyester / polyethylene.
* Available for hydrophobic and oleophobic
* Thickness: 0.1 ~ 0.35mm
* Continuous operating temperature range: -40 ~ 120 to 160 ° C
* The minimum filtration efficiency on 0.1μm micron particles is 99.97%
* Material properties table can be provided upon request
Instructions for use
* Wear gloves or use round tweezers when handling waterproof and breathable products
* The installation surface should be kept clean and free of oil, particles and other contaminants
* Waterproof and breathable products should be installed on a flat vertical surface, where liquid or other contaminants will not gather
* When using the automatic installation machine, please follow the machine instructions
* When manually installing the breathable membrane, roll the release paper under the breathable membrane until the breathable membrane is separated from the release membrane
* Until easy to pick up
* Try to avoid prying off the product from the release paper or folding the product, otherwise the product may be damaged

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