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Chemicals need to use containers during storage and transportation. In order to prevent chemical leakage, people always think that as long as the container is well sealed, the safety of the chemical can be guaranteed. In fact, some chemicals such as strong oxidants Under natural conditions, it is extremely volatile, decomposes gas, and releases heat. If this happens in a closed environment, it is very dangerous. In light, it will cause cracks in storage and transportation containers and cause chemical leakage. In heavy cases, chemical reactions will occur. Combustion of products can easily cause personal injury and property damage. Therefore, certain containers must not be “sealed” when stored and transported in containers. But how to prevent leakage without “sealing”? To this end, help chemical manufacturers to research not only to prevent leakage of chemical containers, but also to ensure the pressure balance inside and outside the container, to improve the safety, use time and stability of chemical containers, HUZHOU SENNUO FLUORINE MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. To this end, a set of waterproof and breathable products suitable for various chemical storage and transportation containers has been developed, which can not only prevent the invasion of solid particles such as water vapor and sand and dust outside the chemical container, but also balance the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the container. Reduce the abnormal rate and breakage rate of containers and win a good reputation in the market.
One. Chemical tanks with waterproof and breathable membranes, breathable lids, and breathable gaskets have the following advantages:
1. Achieve pressure balance inside and outside the chemical container, effectively prevent the container from deforming or bursting.
2. It can effectively block water and gas outside the chemical container, and sand and dust enter the container to prevent chemical deterioration.
3. Improve the safety, stability and service life of chemical containers
4. Easy to install, reduce container wall thickness and material cost, and solve the biggest problems with the least cost.
two. Main characteristics of waterproof breathable membrane, breathable cover, breathable gasket
1. High air permeability. Under the same conditions, the air permeability is higher than domestic or even foreign products.
2. The manufacturing process is mature, the product structure is stable, and the strength is high.
3. Adapt to extreme weather, strong anti-aging function.
4. No chemical reaction is allowed to occur on the chemical, which will not affect the quality of the chemical.
5. Manufacturers sell directly, without any intermediate links, reducing unnecessary cost and waste.

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