(4) Tightness
The raw material prices of chemical products are relatively high, and any leakage will bring great losses to users. Chemical products are more flammable and explosive, and leakage is likely to cause immeasurable and serious losses such as explosions, fires, and casualties. Therefore, there are extremely high requirements on the sealing performance of the sealing product, and the density of the PTFE gasket is relatively high, 2.14-2.20g/cm, almost no water absorption, and the equilibrium water absorption rate is less than 0.01%. This performance makes it a seal The material of choice for the product.

(5) High and low temperature resistance
Many industries have a strong demand for the resistance to high and low temperature of PTFE. We take the petrochemical industry as an example. Because there are a variety of medium gases and liquids such as aromatic hydrocarbons, rust inhibitors, sour gas, drilling fluid, Sea water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc., and these media are often mixed together and have the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure, and because fluorine atoms replace hydrogen atoms in polyethylene, the molecular chain of PTFE is transformed from a planar structure to a spiral structure. , The fluorine atom forms a protective shell in the molecular carbon chain skeleton.

(6) Non-sticky
Teflon PTFE material has the smallest surface tension and inertness among solid materials, and does not adhere to any substances. The PTFE material is applied to rollers or inlays on other parts, used as guide wheels, PTFE rollers, which can allow films, paper, textiles, etc. to pass quickly; it can also be made into thin sheets such as chemical fiber molded sheets, textile lubricating blocks It is installed on the loom to prevent the adhesion of various threads and to make PTFE special-shaped parts for mechanical equipment to prevent the glue and other bonds from being difficult to remove.


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