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1, PTFE clothing membrane
Utilizing the pore-forming characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene plastic resin, a microporous film made by biaxial stretching method. The membrane surface can reach more than one billion micropores per square centimeter. The diameter of each micropore (0.1μm-0.5μm) is several hundred times smaller than the diameter of water molecules (20μm-100μm), and is smaller than that of water vapor molecules (0.0003μm-0.0004). μm) is tens of thousands times larger, so that water vapor can pass through, but water droplets cannot pass. This kind of microporous structure can achieve excellent waterproof and moisture-permeable functions; in addition, because the holes are extremely small and longitudinally irregularly curved, the wind cannot Through it, it also has the characteristics of windproof and warmth retention. After being compounded with other fabrics, it is widely used in military clothing, medical clothing, casual clothing, special protective clothing for fire protection, anti-virus, water immersion operations, outdoor sports clothing, shoes, hats, gloves and other accessories, as well as sleeping bags, tents, rain gear and other materials.
2. PTFE air filter membrane
Utilizing the unique node fibril property of PTFE microporous membrane, smooth surface, chemical resistance, air and water impermeability, large air permeability, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic and other characteristics, it can be used for atmospheric dust removal , Air purification, etc. The product made of the membrane has high filtration efficiency, up to 99.99%, close to zero emission; low running resistance, fast filtration speed; long service life, reusable, thereby reducing operating costs. Mainly used for flue gas filtration of various industrial furnaces such as chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, garbage incineration, etc. PTFE filter membrane, the pore size of the membrane can be controlled between 0.2-15μm, and the porosity can reach more than 85%.
3. PTFE air purification membrane
The air purification membrane is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, which is expanded and stretched to form a microporous membrane. This membrane is laminated on various fabrics and substrates with a special process to become a new filter material. The membrane has a small pore size (0.05~0.45μm), uniform distribution, and large porosity. While maintaining air circulation, it can filter all dust particles including bacteria to achieve the purpose of purification and ventilation. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, biochemical, Microelectronics and laboratory supplies and other fields.

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