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Single layer PET protective film:

Such a protective film is a film material made of polyester film (PET) as a base material, made of polyethylene terephthalate as a raw material, extruded into a thick sheet, and then biaxially stretched. The surface is coated with silica gel water to form a single layer PET protective film.

Single layer PET protective film properties:
This product has good adhesion strength and good retention for metal, plastic, glass and other stickers.
There are many types of viscosity and thickness, and the surface of the protective film is smooth and flat;
Good heat resistance, weather resistance, and acid and alkali resistance;
It is very suitable for die cutting of flat knife, die-cutting of flat die and discharge;
Can also be used as a high-purity optical material for die cutting;

Single layer PET protective film use:
Mobile phone screen protection, optical acrylic plate, diffusion film, brightness enhancement film surface protection, LCD panel, other smooth planar materials or workpiece processing protection.

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