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ePTFE fabric is a polytetrafluoroethylene microporous membrane laminated with ordinary fabric through a special process. This fabric combines the excellent waterproof and moisture permeability properties of ePTFE membrane, so that sweat vapor can quickly penetrate the fabric, and the human body will not feel stuffy, so it is the top-level waterproof and breathable material at this stage.
Production process: fabric water repellent treatment → corona discharge → round mesh glue → unwinding of PTFE film, corona treatment, lamination → drying and hot pressing compound → PTFE film surface treatment → (gluing → composite lining →) trimming Rolling → inspection → packaging → finished product. The water-repellent finishing of the fabric may be performed by a single-side liquid feeding method after compounding as required. The use of corona treatment is very effective for improving the bonding strength of the composite.

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