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In the spring and summer of 2004, some Chinese media reprinted reports from the US media, saying that the research conclusion of an independent expert group designated by the US EPA was that PFOA used to produce dispersed ePTFE as an auxiliary had teratogenicity in addition to experimental animals and mice. In addition to the possibility of inducing a variety of cancers, it may also have carcinogenic effects on the human body (the recently published literature mentions that it also affects the human liver, etc.). Due to the lack of professional understanding of the media, the PFOA issue is completely confused with Teflon, and even the non-stick pan with the trademark Teflon is completely mixed with the PFOA issue. Reasoning is unknown and the production of non-stick pan coating The raw material of the layer (that is, the ePTFE emulsion) contains PFOA, so the non-stick pan produced also contains toxic ingredients. The use of non-stick pans will cause harm to the human body, so that Teflon and toxic painting are equal.
Suddenly, there were media reports covering the whole country. As a result, the public was panicking about the truth. The family who had non-stick pans didn't dare to use it. Shops and supermarkets have removed the non-stick pans. Although this is for a reason, it is too far from the true cause and effect.
First of all, we should not shy away from the question. There is still a lot of uncertainty as to whether PFOA poses a hazard to the human body. Reduce PFOA (or APFO) emissions and minimize PFOA content in the final product. As for the non-stick pan, the main component of the non-stick coating formulation is a PTFE dispersion emulsion. APFO was used at a concentration of about 4 ‰ in the production of this emulsion. However, in the production process of non-stick pans, the coating needs to be baked at a temperature of about 400 ° C for several minutes after spraying, and APFO starts to decompose at 130 ° C. It has completely disappeared at the baking temperature, and the finished non-stick pan is impossible Contains APFO.
The China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine specially organized non-stick pan products of 18 brands and 28 specifications on the market, and concluded that the coating does not contain APFO. Relevant enterprises and industry organizations specifically communicated with the media, and the storm soon subsided. The lesson of the incident is that foreign government departments have organized investigations into the possible risks of APFO in the environment and the human body in response to water pollution complaints from residents around the production plant, and companies have not notified the government of APFO emissions and potentially harmful violations in advance He was fined for his behavior and did not hear any negative reports and non-use or sales propaganda on non-stick pans from developed countries such as the United States, Europe, and Japan. However, due to the misleading media's follow-up in China, there was a ridiculous blind storm.

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