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PTFE has been widely used in many fields due to its excellent corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, high and low temperature resistance, low friction coefficient, non-adhesion, aging resistance and physiological inertness.
The production process of the modern chemical industry involves highly corrosive fluids. Some reactions and separation processes as well as the transportation of materials are the simultaneous occurrence of high temperature, organic solvents and corrosive media (strong acid or strong alkali), traditional pipes and valves. Equipment that is in contact with these media has to use alloy materials with good corrosion resistance. With the continuous advancement of PTFE manufacturing and processing technology, especially the large increase in output and cost reduction, PTFE-based fluoropolymer is used as the lining. Equipment and piping have replaced and replaced more expensive alloy materials. The use of fluororesin lining equipment may not be cheap at the initial cost of construction, but the service life is long, which can reduce unplanned shutdown due to equipment and improve fluorine. Resin lining equipment's competitiveness, and can reduce the pollution caused by corrosion of metal, which is beneficial to improve product purity.
One of the main applications of fluoropolymers in the chemical industry is chemical corrosion protection, which is the lining and surface coating of pipes, vessels and other auxiliary equipment. The substrate here is often carbon steel or other fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP, commonly known as FRP). The use of fluoropolymers in this way can complement them, using these inexpensive and mechanically strong materials as structural materials. The lining fluoropolymer meets the needs of demanding environments. Even under some conditions, other materials can not withstand, only fluororesin like PTFE can do the job. Fluoropolymers are also used in some accessories that have little absolute consumption but are important, including dynamic sealing fillers and products—waterproof vent plugs, static gaskets—water permeable gaskets, and some comparisons. Small parts that require chemical resistance on all surfaces.

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