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The key functional material of e-PTFE nanocomposite mask is e-PTFE microfiltration membrane composite filter material, which uses physical barrier principle to protect various particles (such as dust, smoke, mist and microorganisms). The mask material is mainly composed of the outer layer non-woven fabric or woven fabric, the middle layer Teflon composite filter material, and the inner layer skin-friendly non-woven fabric or woven fabric.
The composite filter material of e-PTFE nano-microfiltration membrane is composed of e-PTFE microporous membrane and non-woven fabric, which has excellent medium resistance and weather resistance (UV). e-PTFE microporous membrane has a unique microporous structure-the fibers are distributed radially with "nodes" as the center, and the "nodes" are interlaced by microfibers, just like thousands of meshes with different mesh Stacked together, the pore size is 0.1-1.4um, and the aperture ratio is more than 80%. At the same time of breathing, it can achieve a good barrier to various particles from the physical level, and it still has the protection ability when worn for a long time.
The e-PTFE nano-composite mask film provided by xxxx has passed inspection, testing and certification, and its performance indicators meet the requirements of GB2626-2006KN95 and EN149:2001 FFP2NR. Based on the principle of electrostatic adsorption, the filtering effect of ordinary N95 series masks with the increase of use time or temperature and humidity changes significantly. Based on the principle of physical barrier, the e-PTFE microfiltration membrane flat mask is not sensitive to the influence of water, temperature and humidity, and can withstand sterilization methods such as boiling water, alcohol, 84 disinfectant, etc. If it is properly worn without damage, it can be used after disinfection.

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