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Polytetrafluoroethylene modified tetrafluoroethylene board generally uses inorganic substances as fillers, which are uniformly dissolved into polytetrafluoroethylene raw materials and processed by deep processing. Compared with pure PTFE board, modified PTFE sheet has the advantages of higher compressive strength, wear resistance, good heat conduction, and reduced thermal expansion; the internal multi-directional fiber structure makes this product highly resistant to chemicals Corrosion performance, there is no cold flow and creep phenomenon, can maintain a reliable seal for a long time.
The filler of the polytetrafluoroethylene backing plate is an inorganic substance, does not contain any adhesive, does not adhere to the sealing surface, and is used repeatedly on the same sealing surface. Easy to cut and can be cut by machine or hand for easy installation. There is no aging problem and can be stored for a long time.

The ePTFE air filter membrane

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