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About PTFE In addition to the PTFE sheet we know, what other fields can PTFE be used in? Today I will share with you about the application of PTFE.
Because PTFE has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and good sealing performance, it is often made into PTFE sheets. At present, it is widely used in industry, military, machinery, life, flanges, etc.; plus PTFE resistance Very corrosive, outstanding insulation, anti-aging, etc., so PTFE pipelines are used as pipelines for transporting corrosive gases in petrochemical industries; PTFE rods also have good chemical stability and low friction coefficient , Non-adhesion and other excellent characteristics, used for gasket sealing and lubricating materials and insulating parts in corrosive media.
So in what areas can PTFE combine so many advantages? Let's take a look.
1. Anti-corrosion materials
Polytetrafluoroethylene material overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary plastics and metals that are not resistant to corrosion, and has become the main corrosion resistant material in the petroleum, chemical and textile industries. For example, it is used to manufacture conveying pipes, exhaust pipes, steam pipes, etc. for conveying corrosive gases.
2. Oil-free lubricating materials
PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction among engineering plastics, so it is the most ideal material for oil-free lubrication of mechanical equipment parts. In the food industry, paper industry, textile industry, etc., where lubricating oil will contaminate products, PTFE can solve this problem.
3. Advanced dielectric materials for electronic equipment
PTFE has been listed as the most ideal insulating material for cables and wires in recent years. The reason is that PTFE has its own low loss, friction resistance, aging resistance, dielectric constant, thermal stability and certain flexibility. Etc., the porous design of PTFE can minimize the loss and distortion rate. It is also a good filling medium material and is widely used in many challenging fields such as computers, telecommunications, aviation, and national defense.
4. Anti-sticking material
Polytetrafluoroethylene is resistant to high and low temperatures, does not adhere to any substance, and has the smallest surface tension, non-toxic, etc., and is mainly used for microwave ovens and non-stick pans.
5. Medical materials
Polytetrafluoroethylene itself is non-toxic, its excellent mechanical properties, durability, and biocompatibility will not cause body reactions and have no side effects on human physiology, so it is widely used in medical treatment. The applications of Dechengwang PTFE products in medical equipment are countless, and the most used is the hemodialysis fluid pipeline. At present, the characteristics of the microporous structure of PTFE are more and more widely used in medicine, including patches and artificial blood vessels for soft tissue regeneration, as well as surgical sutures for heart, blood vessels, plastic surgery, and general surgery.

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