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The ptfe mask membrane has a stable microporous structure, so it can effectively intercept dust particles under high wind speeds. It can effectively filter PM2.5 and harmful substances in the air. In addition to household use, it is also used in industries, clean workshops, operating rooms, laboratories, electronics and other industries that require dust prevention.
The filtration efficiency of the ptfe mask membrane can reach over 99.99%, and the smallest pore size of the membrane can reach 0.3um, which can capture most solid particles and dust. The dust layer formed by filtration is easy to split, and the filter material has good air permeability. The membrane material is hydrophobic, and the adhesion between the dust layer and the filter material is small, easy to split, and can fall off by its own weight without external force. It can be completely removed under the action of reverse air blowing. If the antistatic polytetrafluoro Zene film is used, the dust is easier to peel off and the dust removal is more thorough.
The comfort of wearing a ptfe mask is mainly determined by the breathability and moisture permeability of the mask. Membrane masks have a higher air permeability due to their material characteristics of high uniform distribution of holes; coupled with the moisture-proof and moisture-permeable properties of the film material, it can bring users a more comfortable breathing experience.
The ptfe mask film can be used not only as a medical mask, but also as a nuclear, biological and chemical protective clothing. The "PTFE film", known as the king of plastics, can withstand high and low temperatures, chemical resistance, radiation penetration, non-stick surface, and weather resistance.
The ptfe mask membrane has a small pore size, uniform distribution, and large porosity. While maintaining air circulation, it can filter all dust particles including bacteria to achieve the purpose of purification and ventilation. Laying it on the mask with a special process can achieve 99.995% barrier to respirable dust below 2.5 microns. The service life is longer, and the breathing is more relaxed and free when worn. Its porosity is high and the pore size of the canvas is very uniform, so it has very good air permeability.

The ePTFE air filter membrane

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