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Why is the ePTFE permeable membrane module used in solution packaging, the membrane material needs hydrophobic oil modification?
For containers containing active agents for agricultural products, industrial chemicals, detergents, household chemicals and detergents, if no waterproof and breathable solution is adopted, it may lead to:
1.Container expansion or collapse
2.A leak occurred in the active preparation.
The leakage of the liquid, on the one hand, can lead to serious environmental pollution; on the other hand, the leakage of the liquid will also be contaminated with other products, resulting in serious losses and personal safety hazards to the manufacturer.
What are the main reasons for the expansion or collapse or leakage of the container?
The sloshing of a container in storage, transportation, or distribution.
The altitude and temperature changes result in the internal and external pressure difference of the container.
Part of the chemical is very volatile or decomposed to produce gas.
Some chemicals react with the air to consume the air in the chemical drums and containers.
In the case of a surfactant in the chemical, it is also possible to lose the air permeability due to the wetting of the air-permeable product by the surfactant.
PTFE microporous breathable film of Stade, consisting of a layer of ePTFE microporous membrane with "node" and "fiber", is shown in the following figure.
While maintaining air permeability, it can effectively reject the liquid, thereby continuously balancing the pressure, thus avoiding the expansion or concavity of the container.
Even if exposed to a liquid with high viscosity or low surface tension, it can maintain air permeability.
Prevent the active agent from leaking.

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